Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ranches Academy Fundraiser

Last Saturday I had a booth at the Ranches Academy Charter school. It was fun and I got to see a lot of people who I don't see all the time. Craft fairs are hard work and I am still recovering.

For all of those who have asked where they purchase my stuff from I will be having another booth at the Rockwell High School this Saturday from 10-5. If you can not make it I will be posting more items on my etsy shop next week. Twigsandtwine.etsy.com

I also will have some things displayed in my home if you would like to email me.
Thank you all for the great response to all that I a have made. It means alot to know that others are enjoying what I love to create.

Here are some projects that I sold the most of.
Thanks for looking. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you on Saturday.

Pumpkin Land

Two Mondays ago we went to Pumpkin Land for FHE. We go every year and the kids love it. This year we went with Kyle and Adrienne and their family. We had a good time together. We love going there because there's not just pumpkins. They have animals, a corn maze, jump houses, spook alleys and a big park.

Every year we get our picture taken in the same place. It great to look back and see how much the kids have grown.Here's last years picture. Noah is a different boy. They are both grown so much in a year.
The kids loved sitting on the big pumpkins.

They loved the jumpers too. Noah could climb up it all by himself with no braces! I'm sorry Adrienne. I know that this is not the best picture of my sister in laws family. But they look happy. I didn't get any where everyone was looking with my camera. We all had a great time. It's great that we are all close and get to spend time together.

New Family Pictures

O.K. between today and tomorrow I am going to try to get caught up with my blogging. A lot has been going on in the last couple of weeks. A few Sundays ago we took a little drive up to Nunn's park in the Provo canyon to see the beautiful colors of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. And can I just say that nothing compares to my home state of Connecticut when it comes to fall. This is the time of year that I get home sick.

We had a blast. The kids loved playing in the leaves, I loved the scenery, Chad enjoyed skipping rocks in the river, and we all really enjoyed the peaceful feeling of being together as a family enjoying Heavenly Fathers creations.

This picture was my favorite one of the whole fam. We just used the timer and can I just say that trying to get Noah to look at a stationary object for more the 5 seconds is a huge challenge!

I Love this picture of Chad and the boys. They just adore him. I love how Jaxon head is on Chad's shoulder.

Jaxon took this picture of Chad and I all by himself. He has been able to frame up a good picture since before he could put a whole sentence together. He loves to take pictures.

This ones blurry I know. We need a new camera. Someday. A new camera is beaten out by medical bills on the priority list. But I love this picture blurry or not. Me with my boys!

O.K. this one is my favorite. This was just the boys playing around and Jaxon was making Noah laugh by kissing him. But it looks so sweet and loving. I know I have said it before, over and over, I LOVE MY BOYS!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boutique Photos

Here are some images from the boutique for those who couldn't make it. I've got my hands full getting things together for the fundraiser sale on Saturday, but I'll try to keep up on updating!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twigs and Twine Famous Pumpkin Dip

I'm still recovering from the whirlwind of our first in home boutique, but as promised, here is the recipe for the pumpkin dip that everyone has been raving about. More photos from the boutique and an update to my Etsy shop will follow after I catch up on some much needed zzzzzz's...

Twigs and Twine Pumpkin Butter Dip
(from Taste of Home Magazine with adjustments)

Warning, Highly Addictive!

3/4 cup Dickinson's Pumpkin Butter

(we used 1 cup and plan in the future to use 1 cup pumpkin pie filling and sugar and spices to taste)

1 8oz. package of cream cheese, softened

3/4 cup marshmallow creme (we used a full 7 oz. jar)

1 1/2 Teaspoons ground cinnamon

Process all ingredients in Kitchenaid or beat with a handmixer until smooth.

Chill and serve with sliced apples and gingersnaps. we also served it with a sliced mini baguette which was surprisingly delicious.