Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Craft and Decor Classes
taught by: Liza Burdette

O.K. girls, so here is another class. I thought that with Father's Day being just around the corner I would make something for my hubbys office, and this is what was created. The quote can be changed from Father to Grandpa or Papa. Come have fun, have a treat, get away and get a gift made for your hubby or Dad.

When: May 31st @ 10:30

Cost: $11.00

The class is on a first come first serve basis. All paper will be precut and this is a project that will be finished and ready to go in a gift bag when you leave. You will need to bring a 3 1/2 in. X 3 1/2 in. picture.
I can help you print and resize pictures if needed.

Email me to sign up or with questions.

For those interested and not living in my Utah area you can email me and I can make a kit that you can put together on your own. Thanks, I hope that you have a day filled with laughter.
Those are some of my favorites.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Here is a little gift the boys and I made for Mother's Day saying, "Thanks for helping us grow"

Happy Mother's Day! To all of you who don't know already, I have the best Mom ever. She is a terrific example of everything a mother should be. She amazes me. She was a great mother to have growing up and still continues to be one of my best friends. I am so grateful for her unconditional love and support from miles away. I couldn't have asked for a better Mom -maybe not such an over achiever:)- and an even better Geeda ( that is the word for Grandma in our family). My boys adore her. I hope that when I continue to grow up I can emulate some of her amazing qualities.
I also have been blessed with wonderful grandmothers, a Helen, aunts, a mother-in law, a sister- in law , supportive girl friends and awesome sisters who I am so grateful for. I am so lucky to be surrounded, whether close or miles away by such strong and loving women. I hope that you feel the joy I have felt today. Have a great Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Well here goes

( One of my favorite things in my house is this head board we made out of old doors.)

Well here I am starting my blogging adventure. I always get writers block in the beginning so I figured I will start with a little tour of my home and some of my favorite things in it. There are 4 of us that abide here and we love it. In my spare time I make crafts and teach craft classes so I will be using this blog for that also. Hope you enjoy.
Here is our wall of pictures. I love photos.

This was one of Chad's birthday presents awhile ago.
That picture sums us up.
Goofing off like always. I love it.

I made this huge canvas for Chad for Christmas we all love it.
It came out better then I thought it would.
It takes up a whole wall in our house.

This is not a great picture but it shows one of my black shelves that I love.
It holds all of my willow tree statues.

This is a bad picture too sorry.
This is one of my pride and joys, besides my family of course.
I absolutely love old windows.
I have a ton around our house.

Here are some of the projects that I have done for past craft classes