Saturday, February 21, 2009

My cute Valentines

I love these boys. We had a fun Valentines day. Jaxon wanted a heart on his face for his school party. And Noah still points to his cheek and says," Heart here."
Jaxon and Noah surprised Daddy with special notes written on hearts. I just took them down (Feb. 20th) and it was an emotional thing for my boys.We had a fun V-Day dinner for the kids. We had grilled cheese in the shape of hearts. There's not a ton you can do in red and pink when your kids can't have artificial coloring. Can I just say how proud I was of Jax when he brought home his treats from school. He could only have 2 out of 13 because of the coloring and he was so good. He just traded me for chocolate that he could have and said" I can only have natural color, lets give this to a boy who can have the artificial kind."
I absolutely love that little boy!

We had a great time together as a family. We felt the LOVE!

Valentine's Day Projects

Here are some of the Valentine's Day projects I worked on this year. It gives me an excuse to use red and pink which with 2 boys does not happen very often!

These are some more custom candy bars I made for a neighbor for teacher gifts.

These are Jaxon's Valentines for his class. We had fun making them together. He likes to do projects with his Mommy.

Visiting and Home teacher gifts.

The gift basket for Jaxon's teacher. He stamped the box all by himself!

Valentines Day lotions.

Valentines Day decoration for the house.

Here are the 2 canvas wall hangings that I made for Chad for V-Day. We have been wanting something to hang on either side of our bedroom window. I love the way that they came out. I matched the pattern on the bottom to our bedspread that I made 5 years ago for V-Day for him.

When they actually get hung up I will post a better picture!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Custom Christmas Orders

I have had a lot of you ask to see some of the custom orders that I worked on for Christmas. So here are a few pictures of the orders I remembered to take pictures of. I certainly kept busy.
Thank you all for the support.

Two of the 6 windows

Christmas advent calenders
More windows. Windows are a passion of mine, so they are one of my favorite
things to make for people.

One of my newly created favorites. Candy bars made pretty. I love to give these as Thank Yous or Happy Birthdays. I made over 50 for Christmas.

The little gifts we give to our doctor. They deserve something for dealing with us NONSTOP.
We love Noah's Ped. and his nurse.

I had lots of fun making things for everyone. It was great to be stretched in ways I don't normally go, colors I don't normal use. That's one of the reasons I love custom orders.

The Month of December

I know that it has been forever so I thought I would post. We had a great Christmas. December was sort of a whirlwind around here as much as we tried for it to be calm, it just never happens.

Our Christmas tree tradition is to go the day after thanksgiving and pick it out. This year we got one very tall tree instead instead of 2. For all who know me that was a really big deal. I know it is silly, but i absolutely love have 2 trees. We have had 2 trees for the past 5 or 6 years. But it was my turn to sacrifice for the sake of medical debt. But I loved my tree this year just as much!

We went to Vegas in the beginning of the month with Chad on a work trip. We had such a good time together. And the best part, it was practically free for us to go along. Chad had to go to the SASS convention. It stands for Single Action Shooting Society. It was fun for me and the kids to see all of the amazing costumes. They all dress up like old fashion cowboys and the women go all out with their dresses.Chad had to dress up so the boys wanted to be cowboys just like Daddy, of course!

We had a blast. Noah still says,"Me go Las Vegas!"

We went to the Las Vegas Zoo. It was a small, nasty, dirty zoo. But the boys loved it.

We went to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and all the fish!

Here are some pictures of Christmas Morning around here!

These are a few of our favorite things!
We had a wonderful December packed full of memories.