Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Custom Christmas Orders

I have had a lot of you ask to see some of the custom orders that I worked on for Christmas. So here are a few pictures of the orders I remembered to take pictures of. I certainly kept busy.
Thank you all for the support.

Two of the 6 windows

Christmas advent calenders
More windows. Windows are a passion of mine, so they are one of my favorite
things to make for people.

One of my newly created favorites. Candy bars made pretty. I love to give these as Thank Yous or Happy Birthdays. I made over 50 for Christmas.

The little gifts we give to our doctor. They deserve something for dealing with us NONSTOP.
We love Noah's Ped. and his nurse.

I had lots of fun making things for everyone. It was great to be stretched in ways I don't normally go, colors I don't normal use. That's one of the reasons I love custom orders.


Andria said...

You truly are amazing. I need you help with Kennady's window. We are not sure what to do with it. I will have to call you and maybe you can give us a push in the right direction!! I love the window you made for Charle. It turned out so beautiful.

Jaimee said...

Liza, I love your stuff you are so talented.