Saturday, February 21, 2009

My cute Valentines

I love these boys. We had a fun Valentines day. Jaxon wanted a heart on his face for his school party. And Noah still points to his cheek and says," Heart here."
Jaxon and Noah surprised Daddy with special notes written on hearts. I just took them down (Feb. 20th) and it was an emotional thing for my boys.We had a fun V-Day dinner for the kids. We had grilled cheese in the shape of hearts. There's not a ton you can do in red and pink when your kids can't have artificial coloring. Can I just say how proud I was of Jax when he brought home his treats from school. He could only have 2 out of 13 because of the coloring and he was so good. He just traded me for chocolate that he could have and said" I can only have natural color, lets give this to a boy who can have the artificial kind."
I absolutely love that little boy!

We had a great time together as a family. We felt the LOVE!


kellyballard said...

are you the cutest mom in the world or what?! wish i had that talent of least i can copy you right? miss you - would love to play soon!

adrienne said...

Love those boys! And, love your projects! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Liza!! I love your blog. You should check out mine. I miss chatting with all of you. We are only one street away it seems like a world away. I would love to do lunch sometime. I can not believe how big the boys have gotten. Keep in touch. Miss ya girlfriend.