Monday, November 10, 2008

Upcoming Craft class

Craft and Decor Classes
taught by: Liza Burdette

O.K. girls, so here is another class. I thought that this one would make a great Christmas present. I have a lot of people interested in doing them for grandparents gifts.

Friday Nov. 21st @ 7:00pm
Saturday Nov. 22nd @ 10:00am

Cost: $20.00

The class is on a first come first serve basis. I had so many of you say that you were interested so I have set a side to dates. I know that the holidays are crazy so let me now what day works better. All paper will be precut and this is a project that will be finished and ready to go in a gift bag when you leave. You will need to bring a 5x7 horizontal black and white picture.
The light and all supplies included. But the light bulb is not included.
It is a 30watt 110-120volt light bulb. I will have a sample so you can see what they look like.

Email me to sign up or with questions.

Thanks, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and that maybe this is a gift idea that will work for you.

Halloween night

Halloween night started off nice with a little chill but as the night went on the rains came down.

The boys loved trick or treating. Noah was so good at using his manners. Every time he was given a candy he was the first to say thank you. That makes me a proud mama. Since the kids can't have artificial coloring we had to trade them candy. Jaxon did great. We had wonderful and thoughtful friends who knew my kids could not eat certain candy so they got stickers and BIG chocolate bars. It was so sweet. Thanks guys for being such thoughtful neighbors and friends.

Jaxon and Jake are little buds. They are so cute together.My little boy is all grown up. Check out our neighbors pumpkins. The kids loved it.

BATMAN and BATGIRL. These to are never apart. They love to play batman all the time. Jaxon and Kate are such good friends.

Every Halloween we have a tradition of going to Pleasant Grove to our good friends house. It is actually in the neighborhood where Chad and I met. The Thayer family is like a second family for me. I lived with them for a while when I went to school. We go there every Halloween. Jaxon and Noah love it. They love to go play at Chelseas house. (Actually Chelsea is grown and married and no longer lives there, but to Jax it is Chelseas house.) I love the spending time with them and the warm home feeling that comes with it. Thank you guys! We loved Halloween!

The Church Halloween Party

Our ward had a great Halloween party. Jaxon picked what we would all be for Halloween this year. Can you tell the boys are into batman. The way I look at it is Chad and I won't be cool in Jaxon's eyes for to much longer so we a fully enjoying it now!

Here is Jaxon with one of his many girl friends, Chasey.

This is me and my little buddy Jake. I love this kid a ton. He reminds me alot of Jax at his age.

Both the boys looked so cute. It was hard to keep track of Noah. We had sprayed his hair black and slicked it over. I am so used to looking for my blonde haired little boy. Even my own sister came and asked my where Noah was and he was standing right in front of herand she did'nt recongnize him.

I love this picture of Noah. When you blow it up big it looks like me his off to fight crime!
We had such a blast at the ward party.