Monday, September 15, 2008

I have finally decided to do a boutique in my home. I have done crafts shows before but I have never done anything but classes out of my home, so we will see how it goes. I have been convinced by loving friends. But I am super excited. I want everyone to come and hang out. We are going to have fall treats and apple cider.( I LOVE FALL) There will be Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decor. Along with regular all the time decor and gifts that will be just in time for Christmas. There will be tons to walk out the door with but if there is something you like and I don't have anymore or if you want a custom picture item I will have all custom orders done in time to give away for Christmas.

So please help me to spread the news. Tell anybody you want.
I want all to feel invited and welcome.
If things are tight, I know the feeling , just come and hang out!
Hope to see you all!

It will be on:
October 11th from 10:00 until 2:00pm

Here are some picture of things I have made already. I will try to get more posted soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008


8 Things I am Passionate About:

1. Chad- my sweetheart, best friend and good kisser!
2. Jaxon- my sweet, silly, loving helper
3. Noah- my strong, smart little ball of fire
4. My extended family and friends - all of them
5. The gospel and my Savior
6. Being a better me (which hopefully means being a better mom and wife along the way.)
7. My childrens health and finding all the natural solutions I can.
8. Anything artsy! Making and creating something out of nothing. It's addicting!

8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:

1. I love you this much!
2. Shh, Mommy is on the phone with the Doctor/insurance!
3. No Jax, that doesn't have color in it!(We have taken the boys off of all artificial coloring)
4. Your driving my crazy!
5. Do you want me to take a good boy point away?
6. Give me(or your brother or whoever) some space, PLEASE!
7. Where's my loves?

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die:

1. adopt a multiracial child in need
2. Spend more quality time with all my family.
3. Learn to play the guitar and play the drums!
4. Go on a traveling thrifty treasure hunt with Chad.
5. Take my boys to the MTC to serve faithful, meaning missions.
6. Be the funnest, coolest, craftiest Grandma ever!
7. Go on a mission with Chad.
8. Own my own little handmade home decor and craft cottage!

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:

2.The Lord loves mommy's and he will give me the guidance I need for my children if I am asking and willing to listen to the answer.
3. If you are happy with who you are, and the Lord is too, then who cares what other people think!
4. True serving makes my trials easier.
5. Judge ye not! You never know what someone elses trails are. They may be trying to keep a baby breathing or heading to the hospital just like you are.
6. To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you're wrong, admit it; Whenever you're right, shut up!
7. You're gonna miss this.(I love that song) Even the things that drive me a little batty I will miss when they are gone. So, don't take anything for granted, enjoy every moment.
8. Patience is a virtue. I you don't have it, it is O.K. to lock yourself in the closet and take a Mommy moment!

8 Places I Want to Go or See:

1. Ireland
2. Back home (Connecticut) in the fall.
3. Austrialia
4. Prince Edward Island, again.
5. Hawii
6. An Alaskian cruise ( Kristina, I've always wanted to go too!)
7. Disney World
8. Be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant again, but with my family when they are older. (Megan, it is an amazing experience and a great testimony builder for the youth. You should make sure you do it!)

8 Things I Currently Want or Need:

1. A paint sprayer- for crafting purposes.
2. A whole week of peace and quite to create things.
3. To be free of medical debt ( slowly but surely coming along)
4. To continue on the path to becoming a healthier family.
5. To lose 10-20 more pounds. ( I finally budged the scale and have lost 30 so far!!!!!)
6. To be able to walk and run with my kids and grand kids when I'm old. A.K.A to have better hips and knees that don't hurt.
7. A finished basement.
8. A whole new wardrobe. I know its petty but I want clothes that are cute and fit me right.

8 People I Tag:

I don't know who's been done and who has'nt so bear with me.

1. Tori
2. Ramee
3. Lindsay
4. Tammy
5. Hillary
7. Kelly Tillitson
8. Amanda

I took me along time to do, so plan on it taking a little bit. There you were warned!:)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

VEGGIE TALES at the State Fair

We went to the fair on Tuesday night to see the Veggie Tales live in concert! It was so much fun. My boys had a blast and Chad and I were just beaming watching them dance and sing along. The only time they took their eyes of the stage was to dance around. We had a great time spending time as a family. It was totally worth the $13.00. Yes, it was only $13.00 for our whole family to get into the fair and go to the concert. (yes, I'm giggling that kind of savings makes me very excited)

O.k. so I think that I have the cutest boys. ALL 3 OF THEM! I love watching Chad with the boys. He gets so happy and emotional like me when we sees the boys get so excited about something.

I love this picture! This is Noah's WOW face. When he gets excited he makes this face and then whispers, WoW! I love this little ball of fire!

So here are my Veggie Tale boys. They were so excited to get hats. They haven't taken them off. Noah took a nap in his yesterday.

We ran into some old friends, the Daniels at the fair. Jaxon hit it off with their little girl Kennedy. They were so cute together.
The boys loved the animals. Jaxon almost got peed on by a cow and Noah wanted nothing to do with the big pig that was trying to get his food. My little chunk could out fight a pig anyday for food!
We had so much fun at the Fair. Thanks for looking, I know there were a ton a pictures of this trip but I did'nt want to leave anything out!