Monday, July 21, 2008

Jaxon at Camp GeedaPapa

As most of you know our little Jaxon has been in Connecticut at camp Geedapapa. My parents every year have a camp for the older grandkids. Jaxon is having the time of his life. One of his favorite things to do at camp is to play on "papa's ropes" and to go down the zip line. He loves being able to play in the woods and looking for all the animals. He called me the other morning and he was so excited to tell me he was feeding the wild turkeys. We are missing him tons but are excited about his opportunity to learn from his grandparents and to have fun with his cousins. Thanks Mom and Dad. I will try to keep everyone updated on Jaxon's adventures as soon as I receive more pictures.

Look at him go! He's a monkey! He's fearless and having a blast!
* SIDE NOTE: My Dad climbs trees and puts up rope courses for a living. I grew up in trees and I trust my Dad completely so don't worry about me, it doesn't make me nervous at all!